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Gujarat Detective is an award-winning and highly acclaimed private investigation agency acknowledged for a strong market presence and vast detective experience of over 8 years. Undisputedly rated the most valued organization in the private investigation field, it’s widely popular for offering a wide range of detective services to clients spread across the domains and geographical boundaries.

Gujarat Detective provide a wide range of comprehensive detective services that can be tailored to meet the needs of our customers. These services include private and confidential investigations such as pre-and post-matrimonial, divorce proofs, physical surveillance, and loyalty test investigation.

The agency is s uperbly complemented by its team of professionals who enjoy expertise and skills to solve cases of even the most complex nature. From personal investigation to professional cases, from matrimonial searches to corporate investigations, from employment searc hes to counterfeit investigation, it has done everything remarkably well to become the numero uno investigation agency in India

Our Best Services

Specializes in an array of Investigative services in Gujarat.

Personal Investigation

Personal investigation services we not only track people and their activities, but also help our clients to find their friends who are cheating them and not truthful to them.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is a bond of holy matrimony where two people and their families accept one another, take responsibility for each other and promise to stand by each other forever in life.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is a wonderful relationship to be in. It starts with two people and ends with two families bonding together. In our Indian culture we have two concepts of marriages – love marriage and arrange marriage.

Divorce Case Investigation

There might be one in your neighborhood or in your family. A divorce is caused due to misunderstandings and personal fights. Imagine that two people get married because they are so madly in love but after a few years, that love vanishes.

Corporate Investigation

Corporate investigation services for enterprises and corporate looking for information on individuals, assets, records, data theft, copyright and trademark infringement, and financial fraud, among others.

Employee Investigation

Employee investigation can be conducted in response to a complaint filed against an employee during the course of their job, an allegation against a former employee, or an investigation about a new recruit.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation is the conduct of an investigation on a person or an organization to check if they are doing any fraud activities that could cause a potential damage or harm.

Debugging & Sweeping

Debugging is the process of analyzing and searching for software and hardware packages to detect bugs or hidden cameras, to ensure the electronics of the place work and perform well and appropriately.

Loan Verification

IDS is the first detective agency provided corporate loan verification service with professional to find actual profitability of new activity and asset report.

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Our Mission

  • To develop a system wherein the public can easily attain expert solutions to their varied problems.
  • To provide services at low and affordable costs.
  • To correctly identify the customers problem and provide him/her with information and details regarding where or whom to approach and what needs to be done.
  • Providing any minor helps/services that might arise as part of the consultation at a lesser cost as compared to other conventional service plans.
  • To be a helping hand and act as a private guardian acting in their interest, when people are faced with situations that are out of their control.
  • To make an impact on the society by improving their belief in detective agencies.
  • To stand out from other such agencies in terms of authenticity and public service mentality.

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To easily and effectively reach out to maximum number of people who are in need of support, assistance or advice, and help them overcome obstacles in various spheres of their lives – business, finance, family or relationships.

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